Why You Should be Partaking in Podcast Advertising

13 Mar Why You Should be Partaking in Podcast Advertising


The Podcast

With the constant stimulation that people have grown accustomed to today, it can be hard to make information stand out. Podcasts are a fairly new phenomenon, but through the use of personality, trust, and a unique format, they are able to provide a strong and distinctive way of disseminating information to the public.

A podcast is a digital audio file that can be downloaded to computers, mobile and other media-related devices. Podcasts are often series centered around one topic that listeners can subscribe to. Once they have subscribed, listener’s devices are automatically updated with the release of each episode, making it easy to remain up to date and invested in a particular podcast.

Why Podcast Advertising?

Podcast advertising is in many ways nontraditional. The length and context of the ads often change, so when an ad does come on the listener usually doesn’t know how long it will run. Because of this, it is more likely that they will not skip it to avoid missing the podcast. This means listeners often experience the podcast from start to finish, creating a golden opportunity for advertising.

Podcast listening typically takes place during specific times. On their commute, people are usually without the distractions they may face when trying to focus on, say, a television program. When driving or on the train or subway, listeners are often without cell service or unable to utilize it, leaving them more focused on the host and the content.

The Power of the Podcast Ad

Podcasts have many strengths when it comes to advertising. Companies are able to weed out those with a lack of interest and target online niche communities, making it easier to reach specific and relevant demographics. By establishing the right podcast relationship, advertisers are able to communicate directly with listeners who are more likely to have a genuine interest in the advertisement and what it provides.

Podcasters are aware of the importance of relevant content to their audience, making them more selective in who they will advertise for. Podcasts also contain fewer advertisements than most programs of different mediums, such as radio shows. This is beneficial all around as the listeners get more content for their time and the advertisers don’t have to compete with as many ads for the audiences’ attention. The caution, concern and scarcity help to build trust between the audience and the host, as well as speaks to the legitimacy of the featured ads.

Perhaps the most powerful aspect of the podcast is the how real it all feels. Podcasters tend to be more laid-back and conversational in their delivery, making them seem more relatable and honest than typical television and radio personalities. Adlibbing descriptions and an unrehearsed speech give the ad a certain level of credibility. Compared to other traditional programming, the host is actually vouching for the product or service. This provides amazing opportunities for small businesses to establish trustworthy relationships with individuals already interested in their specific field.

How it Works

Though podcasting has been around for quite some time, it still feels very new to today’s advertisers and listeners. With the success of podcasts like Serial and WTF, there is an increasing interest on both ends. There are two main ways to charge for advertising on a podcast. First is the CPM Model (Cost Per Mille), which measures the cost per one thousand listens. Second is the CPA Model (Cost Per Acquisition), which measures the cost necessary to acquire one customer. It also isn’t unusual for podcasters to have a flat rate that advertisers must agree to in order to be featured.

The results themselves are hard to measure, but direct-response marketers have seen great success with responses to specific promotional codes. Even just getting subscribers for a newsletter can be beneficial. It allows potential customers to become comfortable and familiar with the brand, overtime making them more likely to participate in provided specials and deals. This helps to lay the groundwork for repeat customers.

Advertising Today

With today’s ever-changing media and technology, staying ahead of the game is invaluable. Podcast advertising provides a more affordable format for small companies and businesses to gain access to their desired demographics and customer base.  Not over-saturated with ads, podcasts offer unique and direct ways to communicate with the public, a valuable opportunity for any company.

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