The Start of Something New

22 May The Start of Something New

Introducing Influencer Connect, a new platform that helps brands tell their story. We are very excited to bring Influencer Connect to market in order to make brand’s lives a little easier and help audiences gain real insight into the products and services that help them in their day to day.

At Influencer Connect, we are doing things differently. All of our bloggers have been pre-vetted and approved into the network, meaning that only the right influencers that reach the perfect audience will be brought in for a campaign.

Once we have decided on your campaign, your job is done.

It’s as easy as that.

The do-it-yourself platform model is very hyped nowadays but we’ve listened and know that you’re not looking to hire us so you have to do more work. You don’t have time to manage a campaign, or negotiate individual rates, or follow up with influencers if deadlines are not hit or campaigns are not done correctly.

And that is why Influencer Connect is a one-stop shop to locate the perfect bloggers for any campaign, hone in on the message, amplify it and receive detailed reporting of each key metric crucial to the success of your campaign.

Our relationship managers work very closely with our bloggers from start to finish.

But we are not done.

We take it one step further. Aside from the loyal readership of each blogger that will engage with your brand, product or service, we introduce new potential customers to you who are your target audience from the best publishers on the web.

So, we’ll keep this one short but there is plenty more in store.

We are very excited about the fundamental shift taking place on the web from anonymity to trust and feel Influencer Connect will be the engine that help brands build long-lasting and meaningful relationships with people he become their customers.

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