Successful Instagram Campaigns: Learning from 3 of the Top Brands

19 May Successful Instagram Campaigns: Learning from 3 of the Top Brands

Instagram, the world’s most popular image/video sharing app, is now revolutionising the face of digital marketing. It’s exponential growth is simultaneous with the rise of image-based media consumption. An increasing number of brands are using Instagram visuals as a core branding strategy, and there’s plenty of reasons why.

Visuals do what text can’t do alone, quickly affecting us both cognitively and emotionally. After all, the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than it takes to decode text. Studies have shown that graphics help us decode accompanying text and attract attention to the information presented, while directly increasing the likelihood of audience retention. Additionally, images are able to affect our emotions and attitudes more strongly than text by stimulating our creative thinking. This ultimately leads to a deeper understanding of the presenter’s message and influences the audiences’ decision-making.

Given that visuals can have such an impact on its audience, brands are using Instagram as a platform to reach its active community of 300 million users. Here are five brands that have stood out from the crowd with their creative and engaging Instagram campaigns.

Belkin x LEGO

Belkin integrated an Instagram feed on their homepage


In 2013,  Belkin created a completely customizable iPhone case in conjunction with Lego. The case had Lego studs on the back, allowing users to build Lego pieces on the base. Belkin encouraged their customers to display their creativity online and how they personalized their case by tagging their Instagram photos with #LEGOxBelkin.

Key Takeaway: The integration of user-generated content invites any and all customers to become advocates for your brand and product, essentially doing the selling for you. The power of these brand advocates can exponentially increase organic brand exposure. Belkin also gained credibility in the minds of potential customers through exposure from their peers.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

The only condition for entry into the competition was a ‘selfie’ and a hashtag.

Marc Jacobs is no stranger to unconventional methods: from his eclectic fashion pieces to his controversial advertising campaigns. His recent campaign also turned heads by taking to Instagram to comb for the faces of the new Marc by Marc Jacobs line. Using the hashtag #castmemarc, fans were encouraged to submit their photos on the social media platform.

Over the course of one week, more than 70,000 hopefuls from around the world answered to the casting call, from which the fashion brand chose several models.

Of the campaign, Marc Jacobs stated “It seemed like a great idea to me, as casting through Instagram seemed cool, current and strong. We wanted the ads to shout with youth and energy…to be fresh and reclaim the spirit that the collection had when we first conceived of it — to be another collection, not a second line.” The campaign was so successful that they repeated the method for another season.

Key Takeaway:

When brands are willing to give to their fans, their fans are willing to give back tenfold. This campaign overcame geographical borders to choose successful models from Uruguay, Australia and South Korea. This dynamic campaign generated enormous word of mouth about the brand’s innovative creativity and its new clothing line.


An adrenaline-filled gallery inspires the GoPro community.

With 4.3 million followers, GoPro is considered by many as Instagram ‘royalty’. As the brand behind the “world’s most versatile camera”, GoPro needed a channel to show the world what their product could do.

Through a series of ongoing social campaigns, each focused on a different consumer segment, GoPro established the foundation for a content distribution network of content capture, creation and sharing. Instagram content was focused on immersive and inspirational storytelling to drive engagement, intent and sales.

A successful strategy since 2009, GoPro’s Instagram gallery is filled with the creativity of influencers documenting their ‘extreme outdoor’ activities. Fans of GoPro have come to associate the brand with an active, adventurous lifestyle. In addition, GoPro integrates customer recognition,content distribution and opportunities to win as crucial engagement drivers.

Having been recognised for its revolutionary achievements, GoPro won the Shorty Award for ‘Best Brand on Instagram’ in 2014.

Key Takeaway: Every day, GoPro’s online audience grows by thousands and the customer-centric content programming fuels incredible engagement and brand enthusiasm. This ongoing campaign fuels a rewarding cycle of content sharing and brand awareness, thus ultimately leading to product sales. These combined successes make GoPro one of the most-admired consumer brands for its integrated social media strategy and strong community engagement.


Including influential Instagrammers to a user-generated content campaign can kickstart the movement and encourage their loyal audience to follow suit. It only takes a few well-selected influencers for a campaign to snowball into virality. Once brand awareness has been increased through influencer sponsorships, it’s important to engage your new audience to keep them interested in your brand. A consistent, enlightening and rewarding content strategy will engage fans and encourage them to share your brand with peers. Your growing community will keep coming back for more content. Ultimately, increased brand loyalty and customer lifetime value will give a rewarding return on investment for many years to come.

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