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Banfi Wines

About This Project

The Ask

To promote the brand Banfi Wines and their partnership with Zoosk, Influencer Connect approached twelve lifestyle influencers through dedicated social media mentions over the course of 3 months.

The influencers were contracted to a series of sixteen dedicated Instagram posts on each individual’s channel.


The Answer

Influencer Connect has a pre-vetted network of over 3,000 content creators, spanning blogs, social and YouTube, and we decided that the correct approach would be to bring in influential fashion and lifestyle Instagrammers, with a combined total of over 420K Instagram followers.

Authenticity and storytelling work best in today’s market. We had our influencers talk about celebrating good times and gift-giving with wine, while featuring the product in their own visual style. The beauty of influencers is their audience knows who they are and their backgrounds, making this approach fit seamlessly into the content creator’s regular content.


The Results

We were able to deliver stellar results on this campaign with impressively high levels of reach and positive engagement.

The Instagram posts reached almost 400K viewers! The posts received over 400 comments across the 16 Instagram posts. There were over 20K consumer engagements including likes, comments, shares and clicks!

We were also able to obtain added value for our client with two additional blog articles from the influencers, which earned over 22K views.


Words from the Audience

  • “Such a great hostess gift. Who wouldn’t love a bottle of wine or sparkling cider?”
  • “Rosa Regale is my absolute favorite wine ever! Soooo yummy.”
  • “This is too cute! I love it and what a great gift.”
  • “I could definitely use a glass of that right now!”
  • “Oh I’ll have to try this one!”
  • “Yesss perfect weekend essentials!”


Social Content Examples

Krystal Bick

Michelle Quinn 

Sher She Goes

Arushi Khosla

Candy Washington


December 2016

Blogging, Instagram
Banfi wines, Zoosk