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YouTube Video Integration

The Power of Video

There are very few marketing channels that provide sponsors the ability to generate awareness around their product or service, educate the customer through powerful storytelling, and pre-qualify visitors before they click to their online store, but YouTube integrations are one of them. And that’s what makes it so powerful. Video is the future and the future is here now. Over a billion hours of video are consumed daily on the platform and that number is on the rise.

A Data-Rich Network

We’ve amassed a network of over 4,000 channels that is rich with data intended to help brands make informed buying decisions. Our software is able to project how many views a video will generate over a 30-45 day period by analyzing historical data, and the demographic data provided by each channel ensures that sponsors are reaching the right audience, on the right channel, in order to maximize the return on investment.

Tell A Story That Moves Your Audience