We connect your brand to customers

01 It Starts With Data

Too many others make decisions of aesthetic alone. We work backwards from your target customer, We evaluate their age, gender, location, and interests to determine the best influencers who reach that audience. We rigorously vet against fake followers using crawled and analyzed in-house data. Some factors we take into account include a lack of profile photo, low follower count and being from unexpected countries. Want to learn how we determine the age, gender and interest of our influencers and their audiences?

02 Vetting against aesthetic match and brand standards

Just because someone reaches your audience does not mean they are a fit for your brand. Our team hand reviews all options before including on the plan.

03 Relationship Building

We get to know influencers at a deep personal level to ensure they are a fit for your brand’s objectives.

04 Execution

Getting posts in that are compliant with brand standards, and having them go live on time can be a challenge when you realize the scale of human relationships at play.

Our team, aided by our Measured Influence platform does all the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

05 Measurement

An influencer only has as much influence as their results defined. We measure all of the results from the influencers on the campaign to determine who drove the best success so we can then further re-engage them. We also use this data to build models of what target influencers we can work with in the future based on who was successful for this round.