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Check out these 5 useful ways businesses are using Twitter
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Five Useful Ways Businesses Are Using Twitter

08 Jul Five Useful Ways Businesses Are Using Twitter

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Think Twitter is just another social media that people use to post something in 140 characters or less?  Think again, Twitter has become an important social platform that has allowed companies in various industries to drive awareness to their businesses. Here are five useful ways on how business are using Twitter.

1. Finding New Customers

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It’s a no brainer to marketers that Twitter has better organic reach than its competitor, Facebook. This is made possible by using a hashtag (#) that is relevant to your business. By doing a hashtag search in Twitter, you can see what people are saying about your industry. For instance, if you own a brewery business that offers great tasting gluten-free beer, it would make sense to do a search for relevant hashtags, such as #GlutenFree or #GlutenFreeBeer. After doing this, you can then determine which hashtags to use that generate the most awareness to your business through the followers, and impressions that acquired. Eventually, the followers you acquire will convert to regular customers.

2. Promote Your Product With Influencers

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Twitter has played an integral role in transforming public relations, to the point where some have argued that it has replaced the industry. This is made possible by “influencers” or “internet celebrities”, who have blogs that communicate to a mass following. Many companies are reaching their target markets by paying bloggers to promote their products via a mention on their Twitter handle. It is therefore common to see influencers tweet a product review they had done on their blog or Youtube channel to the thousands of users following them on Twitter.

3. Giveaways

 Give Aways

Giveaways are an excellent way to create buzz about your business. These will engage your followers at large by using unique hashtags for them to tweet relevant messages about your business. You can even connect with relevant bloggers to help out with giveaways by hosting Twitter parties (sponsored online events) to keep the conversation going with relevant users who are outside of your following, this can be great for especially acquiring new customers.

4. Advertising

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Are you looking to drive more traffic to your website to build its awareness? Or Increase your website’s conversions? Then consider investing a portion of your marketing budget in Twitter Ads. Twitter Ads offer’s marketers tools to track the progress of the campaigns, to ensure that expected KPIs are being met.

5. Customer Service

Customer Service

Want to know what your current customers are thinking of your business? Twitter users will tweet to companies about their experience of products/services, these can include questions regarding issues they are having with them. JetBlue is an example of a company that utilizes Twitter to handle any quality assistance questions that travelers may have regarding their flights. Therefore, timely responsiveness is key to keeping customers satisfied.

How are you using Twitter for your business? Let me know in the comments below.



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