5 Ways Brands Are Using Periscope For Their Business

09 Oct 5 Ways Brands Are Using Periscope For Their Business


Many brands have quickly adopted using Periscope to share their content and to connect with their consumers.

What is Periscope?

Periscope is Twitter’s live streaming app that allows users to share live video feed from their mobile devices to their followers. People viewing the stream can interact by commenting or liking the stream. The live stream can be shared on Twitter and the generated link can also be shared on other social media platforms. If your followers miss out on the stream, it is saved in the app by default, and available for your followers to view for 24 hours.

Brands today should consider using Periscope to create better relationships with their consumers as well as becoming more transparent.

Now, what are some ways brands are using Periscope?

1. Sneak Peek & Breaking News

Announcing a sneak peek of an upcoming product can be great news for consumers to see live. Showing what the new product could be like before it is released allows consumers to be more attentive to what is to come. Brands can also demonstrate some of the new features in their new product and it would be exclusive for those who catch the broadcast. Since it is a live stream a consumer can make comments and brands can take into consideration the feedback they get into their end product.

Car brands such as Toyota, Jaguar, and Nissan used Periscope to reveal their latest models during New York’s auto show at Flatiron.

2. Live Event Broadcasts

Having a live stream of a big event allows a brand to have a global audience. There are many people who would like to attend events hosted by their favorite brands but are unable to because it is not practicable. A live stream of the event would give these people an opportunity to see the event virtually on their mobile devices.

Red Bull is one of the early adopters of Periscope and used it to live stream their Guest House events for Miami Music Week.

3. Giveaways

A live giveaway allows brands to generate more viewers who would want to participate in a giveaway. New viewers can be exposed to a brand they’ve never heard of. Having viewers share the live stream of participation in the giveaway on their Twitter accounts would increase brand awareness especially if they have a large following. Everyone loves to get a chance to win free things!

Mountain Dew has used Periscope to interact with their consumers by featuring Mountain Dew merchandise and rewarded a few of their fans that interacted with the stream.

4. Live Q&A

For brands engaging in a Q&A session, it allows them to give their audience answers instantly. This would give a brand a human face and a chance for their audience to get to know who they are. Any problems that consumers could be having can be addressed and resolved.

The Next Web’s CEO, Boris, had a live AMA on Periscope so readers of The Next Web could learn a little more about him.

5. Behind the Scenes

People like to see what’s happening behind the scenes with the brands they support. It is a way to see what goes into making things work and is a great way to bridge the gap between brands and their consumers to create a stronger bond.

General Electric went behind the scenes of @StarTalkRadio to capture an interview between Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye.

Using Periscope puts a real human face to a brand when interacting with a product or service on a live stream. I would recommend Periscope to brands that want to be more personable and as a tool to get live feedback on their products or services. It allows consumers to interact with their favorite brands. Brands should be using this new app as video is becoming a more and more popular medium to share content. If you’re on Twitter with a large following and feel restricted by the 140 characters of text, then Periscope is perfect for you!

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