5 Tips On Running The Perfect Influencer Campaign

01 Apr 5 Tips On Running The Perfect Influencer Campaign

You finally perfected that product you have been working on for the past couple of years and now it is time to get it to the right audience. You can’t afford a commercial TV ad, so your options are relegated to magazines and newspapers to promote your product,  a clever jingle to put out on the radio, or the internet, which has many forms of advertising to reach the right audience. But, if you have been paying attention to the latest marketing trends, you will realize that traditional strategies have clearly not been a preference when it comes to consumer purchase behavior. In fact, people are more likely to buy your product based on recommendations from people they know, or online reviews by other consumers. 

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So, based on this, what would be a great way to promote your product? Well, there are a couple of different ways but one that has shown a great deal of effectiveness is to run a blogger Influencer Campaign.

Blogs have shown to bring a great deal of trustworthiness to consumers when it comes to buying a product; latest studies show that blogs are the third-most influential online service most likely to influence a purchase.

So how do you run a great Blogger Influencer Campaign? Here are couple of tips:blog 3

1) Establish your target audience: this is crucial. It will help you determine the type of bloggers you will be contacting and filter through the hundreds to thousands of options out there on the web. If you are promoting a technologically advanced product, you clearly do not want to have a blogger that focuses on the latest fashion trends. 

2) Determine a budget for the campaign: the amount of money you are willing to spend on your campaign will help you determine how many bloggers you want to promote your product and the amount of reach each of these blog posts can potentially have.  Sometimes having a blogger that has 5 million page views a month does not mean that this will guarantee you a great reach of your sponsored post. You have to consider the amount of content this publisher posts per day and also the variety of its posts. Instead of having 4 bloggers with millions of page views, try branching out to, lets say 9 smaller niche blogs with topics relevant to your audience. A highly engaged audience that is perfect for your product is a lot more valuable than “reaching” a larger audience who may or may not comprise someone who would buy or use your product. 

 3) Establish the campaign start and end dates: getting all the bloggers and strategy in place for your campaign might take between weeks to months. You want to know the dates you are working with not just for your record keeping but also to give the bloggers a deadline on when their posts will go live. Have the bloggers sign a written agreement stating the due date for the post, post draft due date (you want to view the content before it actually goes live just to make sure everything is correct), and social amplification to their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Also, make sure you clearly denote the proper disclosure these type of posts should have so it remains FTC compliant. You also want to have each blogger’s post spread out between different days. Let’s say you have 9 bloggers, have 3 posts per week in the span of 3 weeks so you really saturate that time frame.

 4) Establish offer terms: as mentioned before, you should have created a written agreement that the bloggers will sign. Besides the information previously established, in this document you want to be as clear as possible on what you want from the blogger: how many words, photos, points they should touch; pretty much an overall gist of the points the blogger should focus on as they tell about their experience with your product. The final piece however should always remain authentic or it will perform poorly. 

 5) Request the Analytics of the Blogger’s post: this will help you establish how many views each blog post had and also give deeper insight with data on the average time the visitors spent on the actual post. If the average time spent on the post was 3 minutes, that is a very good sign. They were reading your post!  


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