5 Missteps on Twitter Every Startup Should Avoid

18 Sep 5 Missteps on Twitter Every Startup Should Avoid


Few social media tools have defined the new age of advertising more so than Twitter. Those that use it well can garner millions of impressions at little to no cost. Entire ad campaigns can be run through the twittersphere and spark conversations around the globe. Powerful twitter users can promote their brand message or pivot their product with relative ease. With so many positives and very little downside, why isn’t everyone hopping on board and creating a Twitter for their company?

The truth is, many are. They just don’t know how to grow it.

Look at any startup, chances are they don’t even have a four digit following and worse, they probably have a terrible follower/following ratio to boot! This is the result of many missteps that companies take in order to build up a social following fast. Like all goods things, influence on twitter takes time to mature—time and a lot of social discussions! In order to simplify what needs to be avoided when building a twitter, here are the top five “Don’ts” that every Twitter user needs to know:

1. Don’t aimlessly follow others. Actually look at their content and make sure it’s relatable to yours
2. Don’t ask for followers. It’s begging. Nobody likes a beggar.
3. Don’t tweet every minute of everyday. Spend time and carefully craft your tweets.
4. Don’t shun your follows. Always engage, engage, engage! Start conversations that will make users want to participate.
5. Don’t go crazy with #’s and @’s. A readable tweet is a retweetable tweet!

There are also ways to measure your social influence over followers. Klout is a tool that can measure your influence over broad categories like sports, fashion, etc. and give you a score based off the impact you have on them. Kred is another tool whose measurement is two-fold, it gives you a score based on how much interaction you have among followers and then another based upon how likely you are to inspire action. Both tools are equally useful and should not be skipped when determining

You shouldn’t expect to get big right away, the first 1,000 followers is always the hardest. The niche your twitter fits in to should reflect the people that follow you. By engaging with your followers through favoriting and retweeting their posts you can increase the likelihood of rewteets and shares. Starting conversations on other user’s tweets is also a great way to show that you care about their content and they’ll be more likely to return the favor. By publishing quality content and engaging with followers, you’ll be on your way to being a power user in no time!

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