3 Strategies for Timing Your Next Instagram Influencer Campaign

02 Apr 3 Strategies for Timing Your Next Instagram Influencer Campaign


Working with Instagram influencers is an incredible way to get your product in front of your target audience at a reasonably large scale, and more importantly, it’s a great way to earn trust for your product.

People follow people who they trust, that’s pretty straightforward. Pair that with how influencers are careful to vet products they post about as to not jeopardize that trust and you realize that influencers wield a lot of people to diffuse some of their trust to your product. Could it be that the timing of when their post goes live is a vital element of a successful campaign?

Of course it is! While picking the right influencers is the #1 most important facet of campaign planning, picking the timing of the campaign is a close second. Here’s some tips to get your timing just right to maximize your campaign success:

#1 Consider when is the best time of the year for your campaign to go live. If you are already doing any kind of ad buying for your brand, this is a pretty straightforward addition to that existing strategy. The same way you plan your ad buys around when your product is going to be in demand is going to apply to partnering with influencers for promotions. If you don’t already have this laid out, think about when your target customer is going to need your product. For example if you are selling seasonal apparel, you will want to make sure that your promotion is running leading up to, or at the very beginning of the relevant season.

#2 Communicate with your influencer partners about the best time of day they should post. Odds are, they have access to Instagram Analytics on their profile and can see what time of day gets the highest reach and engagement. This is crucial and may not be as intuitive as you think. For example, a fashion influencer based in New York may have a very large midwest and west coast following. If that’s the case, it wouldn’t make sense for them to post early morning (commute hours) in their east coast time zone since most of their followers probably haven’t opened their phones yet.

#3 When working with multiple influencers, consider getting creative in how you time the content calendar of campaign posts going live. There are several different approaches you can try such as; having one influencer per day post for consecutive days leading up to a big event (product launch, sale, etc.) Another effective approach is to have all the influencers on a campaign post within a 24 hour window. This is most effective when the influencers you are partnering with are large (minimum 100K followers) and there is a strong chance of follower overlap across them. This is effective because a person who may be following 3 or more of these influencers will all see them mention YOUR product. Imagine scrolling through your feed, spotting someone mentioning a product and then seeing that same product mentioned again and again by other people you follow?

As I mentioned in #2, communicating with the influencers is key – and that becomes even more important when you are executing large, multi influencer campaigns.

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