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Advance Auto

About This Project

The Company

Advance Auto Parts was established in 1932 and they’ve primarily reached their target audience through TV, print and their retail locations, but have encountered stiff competition in the internet age.


The Challenge

They’ve experienced significant challenges in reaching their target audience through new and social media. Those challenges stem from internal resource shortages to a limited number of outlets online that are economical to reach their target customer.


The Solution
They reached out to Blue Polo Interactive to find a solution. BPi tapped into its Influencer Network with over 3,000 vetted content creators on blogs, social and YouTube, and brought in the top DIY car guy on YouTube. EricTheCarGuy has over 700K subscribers on his channel and an audience of car enthusiasts across his website and social media. This audience is exactly who they want to get in front of, and hyper engaged with Eric.


We put together a plan that included custom content where Eric would find a vehicle in need of repair and Advance Auto would designate which parts it wanted fixed and supply Eric with those parts. The other content pieces were hosted Q&A Hangouts on Google that allowed target customers to submit questions to Eric while Advance provided their own expert, Jim Bates, to answer on behalf of Advance Auto.


Each of these content pieces was promoted across Eric’s substantial social media account.


Altogether, our plan enabled Advance Auto to gain valuable brand exposure through a DIY videos, Google Q&A hangouts, a blog post, Eric’s social media posts and subsequent social shares by Eric’s fans.


The Results

Advance Auto loved the results. Eric’s DIY videos and Q&As got a great response around the target audience.

In total, the YouTube Videos received just under 250,000 views, 4500 likes and over 1400 comments; something that really displays how active and engaged the community was. The videos were also shy of 300 social shares from the always difficult to reach audience that lives on social media and rarely pays attention to TV ads or auto magazines!


Words from the Audience

  • “Best job at a sponsored video yet…well, I do love your work with Jim Bates live as well. You always teach a lot, but having someone else there is cool.”
  • “Thanks a lot, quite interesting to see the suspension of this car. And it’s a way of brand/ sponsor involvement I can perfectly live with. Well done!”
  • “I love advanced auto, for sure my favorite auto parts company.”
  • “Really like this dual Q&A thing, nice to get 2 opinions about the same problem. Thanks, guys!”


Social Content Examples


October 2015

Blogging, YouTube