Creative Snapchat Campaigns: Learning from Brands that are doing it best!

18 Aug Creative Snapchat Campaigns: Learning from Brands that are doing it best!

Snapchat is a free smartphone application that allows people to send photos, record videos, text and send drawings to someone within a set amount of time before they will automatically disappear forever. Snapchat has a broad target market among 13-35 year olds, but it’s very popular among teenagers and young adults, who make up the lion’s share of users on the social platform.

While some may wonder the true value of Snapchat moments which will disappear quickly, it actually captures full attention from consumers for its full length of time, which is short. It make users scroll through moments and absorb the content before disappearing from their screens, unless a screenshot was taken, which would get reposted again. This unique concept adds to the charm of Snapchat.

A recent report from ComScore found that within 32.9% penetration, Snapchat has become the third most popular social app among the 13-34 year olds, just behind Facebook and Instagram but ahead of Twitter, Vine, Pinterest etc. An incredible fact is that the app has above 50% penetration especially among teens and young adults between 13-24 year olds.

As Snapchat is easy to use, its user base of brands can engage with their followers through this platform by creatively utilizing its transient characteristics.

Here are four companies that have constructively marketed on Snapchat by announcing their new products and humanizing brand images.

Taco Bell



Taco Bell, one of the pioneers of marketing on Snapchat, has presented many creative advertisements to its target audience – young millennials – who are the primary users of this app. Their Valentine’s Day campaign is a good example; they created interactive Snapchat stories that would disappear in 24 hours. They offer easy-to-understand instructions for self-design, personalized Snapchat Valentine cards, but also use emojis to decorate their headlines to gain the resonance and acceptance from the young 13-34 demographic.

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Key Takeaways:

Young adults are active on media platforms, which symbolize our age of social communication. Brands initiate creative marketing strategies to get the young audience’s attention. One original tactic is to enable consumers to preview new products through snaps to increase brand exposure for these target millennials. They create a Snapchat story of the product and remind customers to seize the opportunity ASAP. A personalized interaction is an effective way to let millennials engage with the brand, and be eager to spread the word about the product to their peers.




As a fixture in fast food, McDonald’s has posted behind-the-scenes commercial footage of people’s favorite athletes like NBA star LeBron James, NFL’ers Richard Sherman and Johnny Manziel, who happen to be in McDonalds, along with its trademark food snaps and satisfactions. “The instant face-to-face video chat has a number of possibilities for us, too. The more one-to-one conversations we’re able to have with our fans the better.” says Lainey Garcia, McDonald’s Snapchat lead in the U.S.

Key Takeaways:

Like other online social communication platforms, Snapchat is revolutionizing the influence of digital marketing. By adding celebrities in casual scenes into product ads, it is a good way to attract the audience’s attention and create an emotional connection to the brand product. What is more, it would have an extra salutary effect if people received replies from famous people and brands, which make them feel like they’ve been acknowledged from people they adore.


16 Handles

    To increase user experience and engagement with the product, New York City-based yogurt shop 16 Handles sufficiently utilizes Snapchat to interact with their consumers. During the “Snappy New Year” campaign, 16 Handles encourages its company Facebook fans to share a Snapchat photo of their frozen-yogurt purchase to 16 Handle’s Snapchat account. Then the participants would receive a Snapchat image of a coupon between 16% to 100% off from 16 Handles! This coupon strategy is more effectively used on Snapchat because it is easy to copy and circulate photos of coupons to people who were not even going to use it on other platforms such as Twitter… but one interesting tip for the user is that participants have to be careful to be ready to redeem the coupon Snapchat image at the register because it would automatically disappear in 10 seconds.


Key Takeaways:

For companies that hope to grow their presence with young consumers, sharing promotions and offering rewards (as well as coupons) can be very attractive. Moreover, Snapchat strengthens its network interactively, since users can only send Snaps to people who also have added them as friends. This helps the business gain consumer loyalty and create larger bonds with the user and awareness to the brand.

World Wildlife Fund


Inspired by the disappearing nature of content on Snapchat, the World Wildlife Fund in Denmark and Turkey have launched the #LastSelfie campaign in order to impress upon people animal and nature protection. Created by Grey Group ad agencies in Turkey and Uncle Grey in Denmark, #LastSelfie Snaps that disappear within seconds symbolize the diminishing population of various endangered species under humans exploiting their living environments. According to the World Wildlife Fund, “The emphasis of this new campaign is to underline that if we don’t take action in real life, these species will disappear for real.”


Key Takeaways

Snapchat’s unique fleeting nature can be symbolic and resonate with the target audience. It strengthens the company’s ability to deliver a key, simple and impressive message in a timed fashion to engage with users. Resonance and lasting impressions are one of potentially innumerable ways that companies can share their values and messages on Snapchat.



With a user base in the millions and a market valuation of $10 billion, Snapchat is a viable social platform that shouldn’t be ignored by businesses. Initiating business campaigns on Snapchat opens up a powerful marketing channel reaching young customers.


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